Bluehost Hosting: Complete Review

Bluehost is a large hosting platform with infrastructure supporting over 2 million domains. Officially recommended by WordPress developers as hosting for launching sites based on this popular CMS.

The Bluehost data center is located in the United States, but thanks to partner infrastructure and a CDN network, the hosting shows excellent performance in all regions of the world.

Pros and Cons of BlueHost

Bluehost would not have become ordinary if it weren’t for the sheer number of advantages it has.

Benefits of using Bluehost hosting:

  • BlueHost has an official recommendation from the biggest developers like WordPress.org, WooCommerce plugin, etc.
  • A variable tariff grid is available, allowing you to choose the optimal package of services.
  • Prompt technical support available around the clock by phone and via live chat.
  • Domain and SSL certificates are free.
  • Comes with own website builder for all plans.
  • Free CDN access for high performance across regions.
  • Excellent server uptime performance.
  • Best value for money, quality, and features.

Bluehost provides automatic 1-click installation of a large number of useful applications and platforms: blog engines, forum scripts, or store CMS :

However, there were also some drawbacks. They cannot be called critical, but there are still difficulties that may arise when working with Bluehost hosting:

  • Support specialists speak only English. If you do not know it enough to communicate on technical topics, you will have to use an online translator’s help and communicate in writing – via live chat or email.
  • Refunds are valid only 30 days after payment.
  • The tariffs provide for load limits. If they are exceeded, the site is blocked. You can remove the block by increasing the limit, which is possible only when switching to a more effective tariff plan.

In addition to the limits of the permissible load, there are other restrictions on plans- on the volume of tables in databases and, the number of files. When the maximum level is reached, it is necessary to switch to a more appropriate plan, which is logical: if you are doing a large project, then the infrastructure must be reasonable.

Functionalities with BlueHost: Are they sufficient?

Bluehost offers everything you need to comfortably host a wide variety of sites, from a simple business card that takes up minimal space to a vast information portal. Users only have to choose the appropriate terms for the provision of servers. At their disposal:

  • Shared hosting (Shared).
  • Optimized infrastructure for WordPress sites.
  • VPS.
  • Dedicated servers.

On all Bluehost plans, it is possible to create backups daily. This ensures a high level of data security – in case of problems, the user can roll back to the previous stable state at any time. By default, two versions are available for recovery: Daily and Weekly. Alternatively, you can manually create a backup of the current state.

The popular cPanel is used to manage hosting, so it will not be difficult to understand the administrator’s office interface. To upload files, you can use FTP and Web Disk – data is downloaded to it five times faster, which is especially noticeable when working with large volumes.

Bluehost hosting offers a large selection of applications available for automatic installation from the admin panel.

  • Blogs (WordPress, Textpattern, b2evolution, etc.).
  • Content management systems (Drupal, Joomla, e107, MODx, ocPortal, etc.).
  • eCommerce (OpenCart, CubeCart, Magento, OSCommerce, ZenCart, TomatoCart, etc.).
  • Forums (phpBB, PunBB, bbPress, LimeSurvey, SimpleMachinesForum, etc.).
  • Mailing systems (phpList, DadaMail, poMMo, etc.).
  • Photo galleries (Pixelpost, Zenphoto, Coppermine, etc.).

There is free SSH that connects within 30 minutes after sending the request. This is rare for American hosting. Usually, SSH charges a significant amount, up to $20.

Performance of BlueHost: Is BlueHost powerful enough?

The central infrastructure of Bluehost is located in the United States, in the state of Utah. Thanks to the connection with Endurance International Group, hosting could use the data center in Mumbai, India. An urban data center in Hong Kong and infrastructure in London are also used to host sites. Combined with a CDN, this enables fast content delivery to users around the world.

Bluehost hosting shows excellent uptime – uptime. From January to May 2019, the servers were available 100% of the time; that is, there was not a second of downtime. This means that all sites hosted on Bluehost’s servers are always available. Throughout 2018, access problems occurred only five times – some servers were unavailable for 5 to 35 minutes.

From performance, there are also no complaints. Testing for almost 4,000 days shows that the speed is almost always “very fast” – 97% of the time. Another 3% the speed dropped to the indicators “fast.” This is a very conventional notation – site visitors hardly noticed a big difference in speed changes. 

Safety Measures with BlueHost: Do you need special security add-ons?

The servers for Shared and WordPress plans come with essential security tools, according to tech support. It’s about countering DDoS attacks and SSL connections. On a VPS and a dedicated server, webmasters provide security on their own. If CentOS is used for work, then the company offers only antivirus. Additional security tools can be purchased from the built-in store.

SiteLock malware scanner and CodeGuard backup tracking and management program are available for all types of hosting. They cost $ 2-3. CodeGuard is added to the cart on its own when paying for hosting, but it can be removed. However, be careful if you don’t want to overpay a couple of dollars for a tool you don’t need.

Automatic backups are performed daily. To return to the previous state, it is enough to request backups through the technical support service.

Technical Support of BlueHost: Is it worth?

Bluehost technical support specialists are available 24/7 via phone and live chat. Questions are answered promptly, politely, and efficiently. They try to solve the problem to the end, and not just tell them what to do. Specialists also help owners of VPS and dedicated servers if they use CentOS to manage.

When communicating via live chat, you are connected to the first released operator. On average, it takes no more than 3 minutes to answer. This allows you to solve emerging problems very quickly. The main thing is not to forget that you communicate with a real person, not a bot, and do not minimize the dialog box.

In addition to live chat and phone, a ticket system with communication via email is available for solving problems, as well as an extensive knowledge base that includes several sections:

  • Help center with helpful materials grouped by category. Consists of answers to popular questions and videos.
  • A small forum with communication between webmasters and moderation by the hosting administration.
  • A blog with up-to-date posts related to hosting activities and resolving emerging issues.

The only problem users may face support in English only. When communicating via live chat, this can be quickly corrected with a translator’s help, but with phone calls, it can be difficult. However, Bluehost is stable, so many customers never contact technical support at all.

Price Policies of BlueHost: Is BlueHost affordable?

The trial period on hosting is not provided. Shared hosting costs start at $3.95 / month. The service package includes one site, 50 GB SSD, free SSL. On Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans, restrictions on the number of locations and disk space are removed. The older Choice Plus and Pro plans include CodeGuard Basic by default, which provides automatic backups.

Shared hosting tariffs:

Similar prices are set for tariffs for WordPress. The only difference is that there is no Pro package in this grid. This is because plans for the popular CMS have a separate WP Pro line, which includes three plans: Basic ($ 9.95 per month), Plus ($ 5.95 per month), and Choice Plus ($ 6.95 per month).

Special rates for WordPress:

In addition to standard features, they offer:

  • Marketing center.
  • Advanced analytics tools.
  • Premium themes.
  • Scheduled daily backups.
  • Detection and removal of malware.
  • Additional SEO tools.
  • Advertising integration.
  • Different ways to contact technical support, etc.

Tariffs for virtual dedicated servers (VPS hosting):

VPS on Bluehost can be purchased for a plan fee of $ 19.99 to $ 59.99 per month. The significant price difference is tied to the hardware’s capacity and the amount of disk space.

Tariffs for physical dedicated servers:

Dedicated server prices start at $ 79.99 per month. The most expensive plan is $ 119.99 per month: it offers a 4-core processor, 1 TB of disk space, 16 GB of RAM, 15 GB of bandwidth, and 5 IP addresses.

Refunds can only be made within 30 days of subscribing. After a month, the moneyback function stops working. Therefore, be careful when paying for an extended period. If you understand that you do not need hosting after a couple of months, you will not be able to get money back for unused services.

Conclusion: Should you buy BlueHost hosting?

*Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider serving over 2 million websites, officially recommended by WordPress.org, PrestaShop, WooCoomerce and more!

Over 20 years of success with a solid track record has made Bluehost one of the best hosting sites out there. The site’s status is also confirmed by WordPress developers, who officially recommend Bluehost for their platform. Experts also speak in favor of this hosting, which invariably includes it in various tops and places it in the highest places.

The positive reviews are because Bluehost offers various services that are in demand from webmasters. Simultaneously, there are practically no complaints about the quality of work: responses from servers come quickly, uptime indicators are always kept at about 100%. Websites on Bluehost work without interruptions for months, and if problems do arise, they are instantly resolved – including with the help of a competent technical support service.

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Rated #2

Bluehost Pros (+)
Best uptime (99.99%)
Fast, 405 ms load time as average
Good & quick customer support
Recommended by WordPress.org
1-Click installs for website builders
Cheap introductory cost

Bluehost Cons (-)
Website transfers are not free

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