HostPapa Hosting: Complete Review

Hostpapa is the best American hoster offering hosting, domain registration, website development with a built-in builder and corporate mail organization. At the moment, more than 500,000 projects are located on its servers.

We have studied hosting and other Hostpapa services to understand whether it is worth using it and what features a webmaster will have to face.

HostPapa Hosting: Pros and Cons

Hostpapa is a reliable hosting service where you can launch your business projects. Its servers are stable, which is guaranteed by advanced site security features. Other advantages of Hostpapa include:

  • 100 GB of disk space, and unlimited bandwidth at the minimum rate of virtual hosting, no restrictions on higher rates.
  • Uninterrupted server operation 99.9% of the time.
  • 24/7 technical support, including online chat.
  • Free domain.
  • Free use of the built-in builder (you can create up to 3 pages at no extra charge).
  • Proprietary technologies for increasing server performance.
  • Advanced security tools: protection against hacking and DDoS attacks, a scanner for malicious scripts and vulnerabilities, hiding data about the domain name owner, automatic creation of backups.
  • Environmentally friendly work due to the use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

The overall impression is positive, but hosting also has disadvantages:

  • The high cost of renewing tariffs.
  • Limited server locations.
  • Automatic creation of backups is available only on the Business Pro plan.
  • For all security systems, you have to pay extra.

The disadvantages are tied to the financial side – the orientation of the hosting for North America affects. As for servers’ location, this problem is partially solved by connecting to a CDN – a content delivery system. At large distances from data centers, sites will still load more slowly than if the server was nearby, but the difference cannot be called critical for business – the speed is within normal limits.

HostPapa Hosting Functionality

Hostpapa provides a complete set of services for small businesses. You can purchase shared hosting, VPS server, optimized rates for WordPress sites, and online stores. There is also reseller hosting for reselling services. Among other features of the service:

  • Domain name registration.
  • Mail hosting for creating corporate mail.
  • Marketing tools for managing ads, automating business processes, and collecting customer data.

Hostpapa offers a range of user-friendly tools for users with minimal website building experience. First of all, we are talking about the built-in constructor. It provides unlimited page creation based on over 300 responsive templates.

Site builder features:

  • Support for visual editing using Drag-and-drop technology – any element can be moved with the mouse, edited, deleted.
  • Easy interface customization, including fonts, images, color schemes.
  • Customize the design for mobile and desktop so that pages look the same on different screens.
  • Preinstalled sets of social media icons and contact forms.
  • Quick posting to Facebook.
  • Preview mode in mobile and desktop versions to check the responsiveness of the interface before publishing the site.

At higher plans, HTML and CSS code editing is available, and elements for mobile layout are added.

There is also a simple system for creating an online store. Based on any site, you can launch sales using a module that provides an unlimited catalog, quick connection of analytics tools, uploading goods to eBay and Amazon marketplaces.

You can also order a professional website development within the Do-It-For-Me service. When ordering it, you will receive:

  • Professional design.
  • Adaptive interface layout.
  • Filling pages with content: unique texts, selected images.
  • Updating and making changes to the site.
  • Optimization of pages for search engines.

Creating a regular website costs from $99, launching an online store – from $199. The final cost of the project is calculated after a free consultation.

By default, cPanel is used to manage hosting. You can install WHM or SolusVM on a VPS server for free. CloudLinux is installed on the servers of shared hosting and hosting for WordPress. CentOS 6 is installed on the VPS by default, but you have the opportunity to install any other operating system due to the presence of root access.

HostPapa Performance: Is it Powerful Enough?

The hoster’s servers are located in Canada and the United States. A free connection to Cloudflare CDN, a content delivery system with servers worldwide, reduces the severity of the problem. Thanks to this, the speed and performance of the site grows.

But the hoster has no problems with uptime indicators. The provider promises 99.9% server uptime. Independent tests show this isn’t a marketing gimmick, but real value. There may be a few subtle glitches throughout the year, but the equipment is continuously available for general connection.

Shared hosting tariff plans have no restrictions on the size of disk space, traffic, number of domains, and subdomains. However, there are still some hidden limits on hosting. For example, on a virtual hosting starter package, the database volume cannot exceed 500 MB, and more than 1024 MB is not allocated for one process.

Safety Measures with HostPapa

A free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt is available on the hosting. You can also purchase a more powerful GlobalSign certificate. It is compatible with all browsers, including older versions, 256-bit encryption, malware protection, and 24/7 support. A single domain license costs $ 19.99 per year, an unlimited license – $ 69.99 per year. You also get an unlimited license when you pay for the Business Pro plan for a year.

Another premium security feature is the automatic saving of copies of the website, database, and email daily. The system for creating backups provides the following features:

  • Version Control – You can select any of the available points to restore the previous configuration state.
  • Daily storage of all site data on a separate server.
  • Fast site and database recovery from backup.
  • Storage of copies on 1 GB of disk space can increase the volume up to 50 GB.

Hostpapa keeps 7 most recent backups. Even if you are unsure exactly when the error occurred, this amount will be enough to roll back to a healthy state. Separately, the system for creating backups costs $ 35.88 per year. But you can get it for free by paying the Business Pro plan for a year.

Hostpapa offers the Protection Power system to protect the site from unauthorized access. It provides constant monitoring and notifies the webmaster when a security threat or vulnerability is detected. The same system fights spam, blocks pages from the Google blacklist, and protects the site from DDoS attacks. Protection Power’s pricing varies depending on functionality and ranges from $ 2.99 to $ 24.99 per month.

The SiteLock system is used to detect malware. It is a scanner that constantly looks for malware, database vulnerabilities, malicious scripts, and other threats. Depending on the subscription, it can only find and warn or independently deal with all the dangers. The cost of the scanner is from $ 2.99 to $ 24.99 per month.

Provider’s servers are localized in North America – USA and Canada. This simplifies the quality control of data centers. The company pays a lot of attention to equipment safety issues. The following systems are used in data centers:

  • Temperature control.
  • Raised floor to protect communications from mechanical damage and maintain quick access to them.
  • Fire extinguishing system.
  • Water detection system.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Standby energy sources, including diesel generators.

All of these precautions are designed to keep the servers up and running even in emergencies.

Technical support

Support specialists are available 24/7 via live chat, ticket system, and telephone – the hoster provides several toll-free numbers for different countries. All methods provide prompt and competent assistance. For convenience, the topic is immediately set in the live chat – payment issues or technical problems.

Video tutorials are available on Hostpapa for users who prefer visual training. You can also get a free 30-minute consultation with a hosting setup specialist who can help prepare the environment for developing your project. The level of practice does not matter – the experts are ready to answer any question regarding the hosting operation.

In addition to hosting support, there is an informative knowledge base with training materials and guides for solving everyday problems. It is divided into 6 categories (hosting, domains, products, email, applications, account), containing more than 2000 topics. The information is kept up to date – it is clear that they are continually working on filling the database.

For the convenience of customers, the Hostpapa website has a network status page. You can see the status of hosting, mail services, servers, payment, and support systems. This allows you to quickly find out if there are technical problems on the side of the provider and receive information about planned maintenance work on equipment that may affect the performance or availability of servers.

Price policy: Is it Worth it?

Hostpapa does not have a free plan or demo access. The only exception is the store creation functionality, which you can try for free for 30 days. But it does not work without the created site, which will require the purchase of hosting. In general, to gain access to the control panel, you need to select a suitable service and pay for a subscription. It is more profitable to purchase a tariff for an extended period – this allows you to save up to 50%.

There is no monthly hosting fee on Hostpapa. Billing cycles are 12, 24, and 36 months. Within a month after paying the tariff, you can return money for unused services – this is a guarantee that if you don’t like the hosting, you will not lose anything.

The cost of shared hosting is from $ 5.95 to $ 17.95 per month when paying for a 1-year plan. An important feature of Hostpapa’s pricing is that the card’s price is valid only at the start. For example, if you buy the minimum plan for $ 5.95 per year, then after 12 months, you will have to pay for it a cost equal to $ 9.99 per month.

On the lowest virtual hosting rate, the number of sites is limited – no more than 2 projects can be hosted. Disk space is also limited – no more than 100 GB SSD. There are no restrictions on the two higher tariffs, and the cost changes due to the addition of additional functions and an increase in productivity.

WordPress-optimized hosting costs the same as regular shared hosting. Among its features, we can only note CMS’s automatic installation, adding themes for WordPress and other special tools like caching or automatic posting to social networks.

Adding store launch options costs between $ 19.99 and $ 139.99 per month when billed annually. There are 4 tariffs with different functionality in the line. They can be paid monthly, but they will come out 20% more expensive.

If you need full control over the server, then the logical decision is to purchase a VPS. Hostpapa offers 5 configurations ranging from $ 19.99 to $ 249.99 per month.

Reseller hosting costs from $ 29.99 to $ 119.99 per month.

Should I go With HostPapa Hosting?

Hostpapa is a trusted hosting company with servers in the US and Canada. It is suitable for building sites for other regions thanks to its CDN connection. The service guarantees uninterrupted operation of equipment located in data centers equipped with the utmost attention to safety. The hoster offers reliable website protection tools to help you cope with various threats and vulnerabilities – from simple spam to unauthorized access attempts.

Prices for tariffs are set slightly higher than those of competitors, but the quality of services provided justifies their cost. Buying hosting on Hostpapa, you save yourself from worrying about the stable operation of the site. Failures on the hosting side are eliminated very quickly. If you have problems, the support staff will help you quickly solve them. No downtime – no financial loss. Therefore Hostpapa is one of the best hosting providers for doing business on the internet.

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Rated #3

HostPapa Pros (+)
Good uptime (99.99%)
Fast server performance
Good & quick customer support (24×7)
Advanced security tools for malicious and DDoS attack
1-Click installs for website builders

Bluehost Cons (-)
High Renewal Cost
Limited Server Locations
Security add-ons are paid

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